Sainik School - RIMC Entrance - Preparation Result 2013

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Sainik School Entrance Examination Coaching -2015-16 session

Faculty Members:-


Chief Instructor - Dr. K. Kumarasamy ( chem)

Mathematics: Mr. Aldo

English: Dr. Vijay

Physics: Dr. Nithya

Biology: Dr. Natarajan

Child-Psychologist: Dr. N. Lakshmanan

SSB Pyschologist: Mr. Ashok Kumar

GTO: Lt.Col Jayavel

Interviewing officer: Colonel G. Murali


Our academy believes in best of the training with the latest system and techniques.

Our results are consistent.

we achieve about 80 % in every batch.


Every week the performance result gets posted in our web site.

The parents can view them and get to know as to how the student performs in each test. 


Admission for Sainik School Preparation Test 2013 is available at Sainik Academy



Sainik School Entrance Coaching -    Oct 1st to 30 Dec 2016

Military School Entrance Coaching -                 do

RIMC  Entrance Coaching            -  01 April to 28 May 2016

& 01 Oct 2015 to 28 Nov 2015

 Foundation Course for Sainik School Entrance 01 May to 30 May 2016 


The RIMC Entrance Coaching for the session June 2016

will start in April 2016

April - May- 2016


Marks Scored by Candidates in Revision Test


Note: Less then 75% considered as Failed  


RIMC  Result 2013 June

Our success 

The u/m candidates bought and prepared from out Self Sutdy kit


1. Abhijeet Sharma  ( Student of KV)

S/o Mr Rajesh P Sharma Selected Kerala


2. K Vishnu Raj   ( Student of Sainik School) 

S/o   Mr KR Kannan Selected- TN

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Location / Phone Numbers 0422-2511398